DecoArt Crackle Paste Angel Wings

My favourite DecoArt product is hands down their crackle paste. While I also love the crackle paint, I especially love the texture and thickness of the paste! It’s so versatile, and crackles beautifully. I decided to crackle some wings to use on a card.

I die-cut some angel wings out of chipboard (I would recommend it for strength), and then painted in my chosen base colour: Primary Magenta. You want to use quite a dark colour for this, so that it will show through the cracks easily.  You can leave the crackle paste as it comes, but I thought it a little too stark white, so I mixed a little of the same paint in with the paste before applying it to the wings. That way you know the colour of the paste will match the base colour beautifully.

When applying the paste, I like a thick layer. The thicker the paste, the bigger the cracks, and I definitely wanted the bigger cracks, as opposed to the thin crazing effect you get with a really thin layer.


As a finishing touch on projects like these, I like to slightly water down some gesso, and splatter it onto the finished card/project with a paint brush. Just be sure to cover anything you don’t want to be splattered (in this case the sentiment) with a piece of scrap paper.

Plain white flowers are so useful for projects like these. Just a tiny touch of paint or ink to the tips, and they match the project beautifully. Beats searching through mountains of pre-coloured flowers to find some in the right shade!

I hope you like my card, and if you haven’t played with the crackle paste yet, I strongly recommend it! Not only is it fab for embellishments, but it makes a great background texture on mixed media projects, and it’s brilliant used through stencils in place of regular texture paste.


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