Meet The Design Team



Hello everyone, my name is Bethany!

When I was little I spent most of my time drawing, colouring and creating; in almost every family photograph I can be seen with a paintbrush or pencil in hand.  Like any child I just loved to get messy and artistic, but I guess I never grew out of it!

My inspiration for crafting definitely comes from my Mum.  She is always coming up with fantastic ideas, and when we craft together or with friends, my Mum is always the one to inspire the rest of us!  Both my Mum and Dad have also been a huge inspiration for my art, being my biggest supporters and promoters.

I would describe myself as a messy, arty-farty crafter!  Despite my usual OCD, when I am busy creating, I always end up in a total mess.  My art often influences my craft projects, with various mediums and techniques creeping their way into the craft world.  I typically enjoy scrapbooking, altered art and mixed media, but I will give anything a go!

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Hello everyone, my name is Emma!

I am a mixed media artist, beautician and stay-at-home mum to 3 children. I have been creating artistically in some way since I was very small, whether that be drawing, painting, building or making up my face to look like film characters!  I studied both art and beauty at college and make YouTube tutorials on my Mixed Media journals and art work. When I’m not making art, I also write children’s stories.

I have been scrapping since 2009 and creating with mixed media for around a year now – I love to create with all different types of media but my most favourite thing to do is to give things an aged antique look that makes the viewer want to know more about the story of the piece. My style varies from sophisticated grunge to rustic shabby chic.

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Hello everyone, my name is Katie!

I have been crafting for 12 years now.  It all started off with scrapbooking which was an old concept that was reintroduced from America. I wasn’t happy just sticking photos into an album, I wanted them to look interesting and I wanted somewhere I could write about them.  I then moved on to other crafts such as card making and altered art.

I craft as part of my hobby, as something I do to keep life fun and colourful.  My style is a mixture of Vintage, Shabby Chic and Mixed media and I love to get messy – I get my fingers into everything from inks to paint and often end up with rainbow coloured fingers! I have an active blog called Life in a Snapshot, where I like to share my projects and tutorials (please see link below) and a matching Artists page on Facebook where I post craft projects and news

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Hello everyone, my name is Marianne!

I have been crafting now for around 20 years.  I am blessed to have my own craft room and in between work, I am able to craft and use this as my relaxation time.

I love to do all types of crafting from scrapbooking and making cards, to folding books and mixed media. I like to make my own embellishments, and I love all types of texture pastes and art mediums – my favourite of which is glitter!    I love everything from steampunk to delicate wedding creations to dark and crazy.

I own my own holistic therapy company and strongly believe in art therapy and relaxation so encourage my clients who come to visit me to take up arts and crafts in a way to relax and alleviate some of the tensions they carry around.  I am currently studying with the British School of Yoga towards a qualification in Art Therapy.

I also attend as many local craft courses and exhibitions as I can in order to get new ideas and inspiration.  I am always up for a challenge to try something new, which I then like to adapt and incorporate into my work.   I love pushing my boundaries by trying new projects and taking on challenges!

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Hello everyone, my name is Sally-Anne!

I have been interested in crafting for about five years, after being inspired by the beautiful scrapbook pages and projects a friend was creating. After many months of thinking I wasn’t ‘creative enough’, I gave it a go and never looked back!

When I start a project I often have no set idea on how it is going to progress, and often surprise myself with the end result! My favourite thing is finding a different way to use a product than originally intended, and the thrill and satisfaction of a good day’s crafting is second to none.  I find my inspiration in nature, my garden and flowers; I just love all the different textures and patterns that nature creates.

I love crafting with friends and enjoy seeing their makes and of course having a good natter, but equally I enjoy crafting by myself.  By my own admission, and my family’s, I am a messy crafter, and often promise myself I will tidy and organise all my stash…but I just want to finish this project first… I would love to have a large craft room where I can spread out all my lovely craft items, and who knows what the future will bring!



Hello everyone, my name is Sammy!

I started crafting, quite by accident, in the summer of 2012. I’d spotted a crafting goodie bag in a shop in town, and thought I’d buy it to let the kids make father’s day and birthday cards for their dad (they both fell on the same day that year). As there was an awful lot in the bag, I decided I’d play along, and before I knew it, I was hooked! A year later I discovered stamps and ink, and I started blogging around the same time, and life hasn’t been the same since!

I quickly developed a taste for vintage and shabby chic, and more recently I’ve started to really enjoy mixed media too. But I have to admit I don’t really have a style, so to speak. I could never be the kind of person that makes items on a production line basis. I get bored very easily, so I tend to flit from style to style and medium to medium to keep it fresh. I might make a shabby chic card with all the bells and whistles one minute, and then a CAS card the next! I absolutely adore altered art, and just love transforming a plain, boring old item into something new and pretty.

And yes, I’m a terribly messy crafter, especially when I’m doing mixed media! However, as I only have a tiny “craft corner”, I have to tidy things away as soon as I’m done, or I won’t have anywhere to work!

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Hello everyone, my name is Wendy!

I have had a massive love affair for all things craft for most of my life, but scrapbooking is my true love!  I was first inspired to have a go in the late nineties, when I purchased a book all about using punches.  In the back of the book were a couple of pages all about scrapbooking – and that was it, I was totally hooked!  I had never seen anything like it, and thought it would be a lovely way to present and documents all our family photos and memories.

When my children were young and money was tight, I would always try to find things to use that weren’t necessarily meant for crafting.  I have been doing the ‘make do and mend’ and ‘shabby chic’ style for a long, long time!  I think this encouraged my love of making things from scratch to go on projects, and use my tools and stash to the max.

I think I am a messy crafter – although my friends and family beg to differ!  Before the final embellishment is stuck down on a project, you cannot see the table top for bits and pieces.  As for those little white squares – need I say anymore?